Kudos from Red Bull Brand Managers







“All- I am extremely happy to announce that Loren Piretra will be taking over the role of West Side Musketeer in LA based in Santa Monica.  Loren is no stranger to the brand having spent time as an SBM at the University of Tampa (Go Bulls!), the first Consumer Collecting intern for the SOBU, and then making her way the Best Coast as the FMS in Orange County for the past few years.  Loren was not just busy delivering Wings to the best parties at the University of Tampa, she was also busy in the classroom graduating Magnum Cum Laude.  Loren brings to this position a great understanding of our brand and a passion to WIN.  Her territory will cover Malibu south through to LAX on the West side, as well as Culver City and parts of Beverly Hills.  For those of you needing assistance with booking Hotels, Dinners, night outs, etc. while traveling to HQ or for guests, please feel free to reach out directly to Loren.   While not working to be the best Musketeer she can possibly be, this New Jersey native is also an avid photographer, travel enthusiast, yoga contortionist, and lover of live music.  All of which are a perfect fit for when she relocates from Orange County to Santa Monica in the coming weeks.  Loren officially transitions from her current FMS role to Musketeer on May 16th, and will be reporting directly to me.  Please join me in congratulating and welcoming Loren to her new role within the Red Bull family!      

    - Regional On Premise Manager – LA / Central Coast, Rob Boyer



“Good Evening WEBU and HQ Family, It's with mixed emotion but complete STOKE to raise a chilled can and cheers Loren Piretra for the exceptional work she has done over the last 3 years as the Field Marketing Specialist in Orange County. Today is her last day as the FMS of Orange County and tomorrow marks her first day in her new role as the Musketeer for S.LA. Rob Boyer has already sent an e-mail out to inform everyone but I wanted to send a special thank you to Loren for being the strong leader and crusader of excellence she has been for the Southern California marketing team. Loren has led one of the countries strongest Consumer Collecting programs while cultivating some of the fresh top talent you see roaming the halls at HQ as six of her direct reports have been hired to regional or national positions with RBNA and RBMH. Loren's undying passion to win and acute attention to the finer details will suit her very well in the On Premise. I along with the entire SoCal team wish her the very best in her new role and know we will be seeing successes pour in quickly for her. We wanted to have an elaborate send-off party but Loren denied and said she was already busy using the ABS for an event tomorrow night with DJ Spider at Rush St. in Culver City at one of her new top accounts… The heart of a champion! I guess we'll all have to join her in kicking off her next leg of an already celebrated journey at Red Bull tomorrow night at Rush St. Congratulations Loren and thank you for all of the dedication and hard work!! Cheers!”

     - Regional Marketing Manager – Southern California, Steve Kelty



“Loren, I appreciated our time working together and your commitment to running such a great Consumer Collecting program.  You grew into a great manager who's fostered some of the top talent now hired at HQ in important Consumer Collecting roles. You will certainly be missed by me and the team.  Thank you for your hard work.”

     - Regional Marketing Manager – Southern California, Steve Kelty



“Excited for you! Good to see talented, hard-working people moving up! 

   - Communications Manager, Scott Houston



“Congrats Loren.  Love the cross functional shifts.”

   - Director of Distribution, Jason Cantelli



“Congrats on the new move.  It will be tough to replace you in OC, but it is time for you to spread your wings in a different role.  Good luck on the transition and crush it like you did in OC. “

   - General Sales Manager Red Bull Distribution Company, Chris Nielsen 



“Congrats Loren! On Premise is a solid skill set to add on to your already impressive collection.”

     - Defensive Line Southern California, Stanislav Atanassov 



“Congrats on the well deserved promotion!”

  - General Sales Manager Red Bull Distribution Company, David Kizer



“Congratulations Loren! If I don't tell you enough, I am SO grateful for the mentor-ship and encouragement this past year. I have never seen someone see potential in me like you did, push me to my limits, and remind me that I can always demand perfection. Loren, the team and I always talk about how much of an amazing leader you are, and the responsibilities you let us have is UNREAL. There is not another SBM in this nation who gets the trust and responsibility from their FMS like you have given me, and I am incredibly grateful for that. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

     - Student Brand Manager and Student Brand Manager Rho Beta Member, Lauren Ferree 



“West BU, It is my pleasure to welcome Loren Piretra to the West BU as the new Field Marketing Specialist for Orange County, beginning June 16th Loren comes to us from our friends in the Southeast BU, where, for the last 2 years she has held a variety of part time roles. Starting with Red Bull in June of 2009, as a Student Brand Manager, Loren quickly became a top performer. As an SBM, Loren developed nationally recognized best practices around building media relationships as well as dozens of strong on campus activations. This attention to detail and creativity quickly landed Loren in the Cabal – an elite group for the top 16 SBMs from around the country. In May of 2010 Loren transitioned into the Consumer Collecting internship role for the summer. In this role Loren led the execution of a fully integrated back to school campaign, which spawned across eight states and resulted in 165,000+ impressions. Most recently, as of January 2011, Loren has held a unique position as the Florida state team lead. As the team lead in Florida, Loren assisted the FMS in maximizing market impact and monitoring cost effectiveness of our consumer collecting programs. As the team lead, Loren also consistently provided ongoing coaching to a team of 12 students ensuring each student over-delivered against their set KPIs. While working at Red Bull Loren has also held a variety of interesting part time positions. From Quiksilver to the NFL Loren has already developed a deep skill set that will instantly add value in Orange County. In addition to strong work experience and achievement, Loren has also had an impressive academic career. She recently graduated with honors from the University of Tampa with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Public Relations with a Concentration in Media Writing. While at the University of Tampa, Loren created a completely new and unique position that had previously not existed – working for her campus newspaper. As Director of Social Media for The Minaret Student Weekly, Loren led the digital marketing strategy for the paper, she also sold the position in as a unique solo study senior class, which she was able to receive school credit for. In this position Loren recruited, trained, and oversaw a team of digital marketers – her efforts led to a 568% increase in digital activity around the papers online platforms. As a clear leader, blazing her own trail, Loren was chosen by a team of distinguished faculty and staff to deliver the May 2011 Commencement Address at her Graduation. In front of hundreds of her peers Loren delivered a passionate speech. As the Field Marketing Specialist in Orange County, Loren will be responsible for managing a team of 18 Wings Team Members and 5 Student Brand Managers. She will be the local face of our brand in Orange County, responsible for working with the local cell team and key market influencers to bring the Red Bull brand to life for consumers in Orange County."

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown



“Team, I am very excited to announce that Loren Piretra has joined the SEBU Marketing team for the summer as our Consumer Collecting Intern. Loren comes to us from Tampa where she was a stand-out SBM at the University of Tampa. Loren will be based in the SEBU office through August 6th and will be working closely with me on several projects such as Back to School and the SBM Kick Off.  Please join me in welcoming Loren to her summer adventure in Atlanta. Cheers”

    - Brand Manager, Veronica Kelly Cash



“Loren, big congrats, well deserved, best of luck prepping for Kickoff and Back to School!

    - International Digital Brand Manager, Brandon Curtis






“Loren, Big big win - This is really REALLY good for where we are going next year and beyond....”

    - Sports Marketing Manager, Michael Ladinig on Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Partnership



“Thanks Loren! Really looking forward to this years Switchboard unfold. You have done a superb job leading the entire project this year.  The work you and the team have put in is best in class. I'm confident the results will confirm this.”

   - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on Red Bull Switchboard



“Great job with this Loren! Excellent work and team collaboration. All others with SX events in your markets:  this is a great example of owning a moment with a Red Bull athlete asset against a competition branded event property and keeping the message all about us. Hit up Loren on this program / idea, or for other athlete activation concepts in your market when SX comes to town. We have title contender athletes and teams in both 250 & 450 classes this year and arguably the deepest Red Bull rider portfolio in our history.  And with X Fighters & Red Bull owning the outdoor MX series as Titled events this summer, it is never too early to deepen your local ties in 2 wheel, offroad/MX with opinion leaders, dealers, race organizers, tracks, athletes, etc”

   - Sports Marketing Manager, Michael Ladinig to West BU Marketing Team on original Red Bull Athlete Activation



“Great stuff LP. Glad to hear you were able to work with Keith to finally bring this full circle.”

   - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Partnership



“Great leadership, owning an idea from the ground up and seeing it through to execution. Strong results across the entire marketing mix – media, athlete, OLs (opinion leaders), event, consumer collecting, and on premise (sales). The definition of a small fire 360º activation. Fantastic work, Loren.”

   - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown on Drivin’ Dirty with Bryce Menzies small fire



“Great work & ownership. Solid plan.”

   - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown on Motocross Activation



“Huge success Loren & team- really well done.  More than anything, I appreciate the way you took a national opportunity that was passed along to you and "owned" it locally- maximizing your impact on your local consumer base in a way that made sense for OC. Thanks for all the initiative and also for the insightful feedback.”

   - US Director of Consumer Collecting Manager, Eileen Flynn on The Color Run partnership



“Another fantastic job by a truly professional and committed team!  I'm so proud of all of you and want to thank you for your hard work on Long Beach Flugtag. You make Red Bull the brand soar and you should be proud of what you've done. It is not easy!!!”

    - VPGM, Mark Russ on Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach



“A humble and sincere "thank you" to all of you on the Marketing Team who put on a great event for our brand. You all acted like you owned Red Bull today.  Beautiful! Amazing across the board...and a World Record!”

   - Director of Marketing, Geoff Hannen on Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach



“Fantastic job! Thanks to all for the effort in getting over 500 applications. It makes it easy to select from and I'm sure this will guarantee a WEBU success for all of our markets.”

    - Region Director, Juan Parker on Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach



“Pacific Festival in Orange County Reaches 1 PCC. This one day music festival in Orange County, where 4300 SoCal music lovers attended this past Sunday, Red Bull was able to sell 4136 between RBED, RBSF and RBTZ. Congratulations to Brandon, Loren, Peter and Ryan... This is exactly what we want. We can now tell our own story of success to other festivals and one by one, we will reach best results.”

Region Director, Juan Parker



“Congratulations to everyone that worked so hard to make this event a success. The WEBU continues to set new benchmarks for the rest of the country with its festival activation's in 2012!”

    - US Director of On Premise Marketing, Todd Palmerton on Pacific Festival



“100%! Wanted to say thanks to all of your for the hard work put in to achieve the goal of 1 PCC. There was no question who the festival partner was and it started with you all working as 1 unit to negotiate exactly what we needed to achieve our goals.  The execution was top notch and everyone at the festival obviously had a great time. Thanks and look forward to the next one!”

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on Pacific Festival



“Great initiative and execution!”

   - Director of Marketing, Eddie Hayden on Red Bull Independent Assembly



“Awesome job on the entire project. You killed it.”

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown on Red Bull Independent Assembly



“OC continuing to set the bar. Through great execution, this small festival in Newport (700 attendees) sells 912 cans.... Congrats Loren for championing and leading”

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown on Balboa Beach Music Festival



“Awesome work Loren!!! Congrats on the HUGE success!”

   - Regional On Premise Manager, Jenae Camarlinghi on Balboa Beach Music Festival



“Loren, just perfect! Thank you so much. Continue to push.”

   - Region Director, Juan Parker on Red Bull Independent Assembly



“ GREAT work Loren! This is a perfect example of a creative and locally relevant field-driven opinion leader project.  What a great hit with Bad Religion sharing to their nearly 1MM fans.  Bummed I missed it, but now I'll just read the articles.”

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on Red Bull Independent Assembly






“Yet another example of your drive to go above and beyond your role. I have no doubt this will be a tool that’s rolled out nationally. Great job, LP! “

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on Southern California Red Bull Weekly Bulletin



“Thank you for this step change for the region Loren.”

    - Region Director, Juan Parker on Southern California Red Bull Weekly Bulletin



“I absolutely LOVE this and think it is a best practice that each cell should strive for.”

   - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on Southern California Red Bull Weekly Bulletin



 “Great work and leadership across the board Loren - excited to see this rolled out”

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown on Southern California Red Bull Weekly Bulletin



“This is great stuff!! Thanks so much for 1) take the initiative in creating this great bulletin, and 2) including us in the send list!  It's so cool to see what's happening on a local level on a weekly basis and I really love how professional the bulletin looks & sounds.  Thank you! Keep up the great work.”

    - US Consumer Collecting Specialist, Sarah Peck on Southern California Red Bull Weekly Bulletin



“This is a great way for us to communicate local events to our Retailers as many of them are interested in attending and staying abreast of upcoming Red Bull activations in their Markets.”

   - Senior Regional Account Manager, Amy Da Kosta on Southern California Red Bull Weekly Bulletin



“Great way to activate, Loren. Good Job.”

    - Senior Communications Manager, Jordan Miller on Drivin’ Dirty with Bryce Menzies’ small fire



“The comms team has been hard at work the past month and a half, pitching our exciting and quirky Red Bull Flugtag Long Beach teams to their hometown markets.  We've had some great outcome so far, and have more on the way. Extra special thanks and high-fives to Loren, Travis, Aaron, Tony, Rob, Ellie, Aubi, Greg & Rico who have been extremely supportive and an integral part in ensuring the below interviews happen(ed)!”

    - Communications Manager, Lindsay Robinson



“Hi Arun, This is what we talked about today. Some history… In April 2012, we (The Orange County Team) first introduced this internal weekly team newsletter to the Orange County cell, championed by a Wings Team Member as a way to keep the local team (Marketing, On Premise, Off Premise, etc) aligned on activity, celebrate top performers, and share social media content from world of Red Bull OC. It quickly evolved and was implemented individually across all six SoCal Markets, demonstrating our super cell's commitment to regaining LA and owning SoCal. Beginning this week, you will receive the Southern California Weekly Bulletin every Sunday evening. All of the weekly content will be organized by market and will serve as the hub for relevant North Los Angeles, Central Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego information.”

    - Region Director of Southern California, Juan Parker to Arun Hozak on Southern California Weekly Bulletin



“Just want to say congratulations - your best practice submission for campus media was approved!  Major props to you and the crew for setting the goal of leveraging the media this year and fully exceeding it. Definitely shows your diligent work ethic and ability to succeed beyond expectation. Keep up the great work on campus!”

    - US Collegiate Marketing Specialist, Lance Christensen on US Best Practice for collegiate communications



“Congratulations, Loren! Yet another one of your goals met for this year - Have a Best Practice! Pat yourself on the back for your work with the media, it was a big goal and a great success story! Don't stop there, remember to share this success with your peers, and help them to overcome the obstacles they have with media. Great work LP!”

    - Field Marketing Specialist, Tori Hancock on US Best Practice for collegiate communications






“Great Job . . . real spirit/team work. Congrats to Sky.”

    - Vice President of RBNA, Alexandre Ruberti on SBM collaboration with sales team to open new accounts



“Brandon and LP, I wanted to drop you a quick note thanking you for a job well done today at RBDC presenting the Editions to the crew. Sam Wilson reached out to me and informed me of what a great job you did knowledgeably presenting the new product and strategy behind it. He also commented on how much he appreciated the WTM sampling the new product as we would to a consumer in the street vs. just slanging cans to distributor partners. I truly appreciate your attention to detail on a daily basis. This goes a long way and is an integral part of our biggest launch since the slim cans birth in the US.”

   - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty



“Aaron and Loren, I just wanted to thank you both for the support of 7-Eleven on their biggest day of the year, 7/11!  As you can see below, I forwarded your recap to the Dallas, TX based buyer so that he could see what type of support Red Bull is providing in this battleground Market! I appreciate the support!!”

   - Senior Regional Account Manager, Amy Da Kosta



“It is with 100% percent pleasure that I send an official update sharing the massive WIN that Southern California has just accomplished.  We have achieved our Red Bull Editions distribution target in (5) days!  This is an amazing accomplishment that needs to be shared by EVERYONE, who participated in the most aggressive speed to market execution plan ever accomplished by a CPG company in Southern California (8,000+ accounts) – Non conformist. Congratulations to each of you and we thank you for your time dedicated to these results. For the local team, it was absolutely amazing to witness the passion, commitment, and execution that took place over these past five days.  There was never a doubt in my mind that we would not achieve above target results against the biggest launch since Red Bull Energy Drink – Be proud.”

    - Regional Sales Manager, Sam Wilson on cell team collaboration for Red Bull Editions launch



“Thanks Loren. Gabe and I were able to meet the team out at the store. I truly appreciate the support. The event was just getting started so it was a challenge to reach many people, but the Wings Team did a great job. Thanks.“

   - Key Account Manager, Richard Purnell






“Thanks again for your time and support during yesterday's visit.  As mentioned, I was amazed by the great work your team is doing and the attitude they have.  Good coaching and leadership with your team.”

   - Brand Manager, Christian Webb



“This is FANTASTIC Loren! No need to reinvent the wheel but it's definitely important to keep them rolling! Moving forward, I would like to see this rolled out across every market. What a great way to thank the SBM's who have paved the way for our Collegiate program in SoCal and celebrate their successes while introducing the new crop of talent on what great looks like. Great work Loren!”

   - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on SBM transition concept implemented by Orange County team



“Loren, I wanted to thank you for your preparation and presentation of "Sampling 101" on Wednesday to help get Christian up to speed.  It is clear that you are driving the right strategy and demanding excellence from your team. Your in-field coaching and guidance was really strong as well!  Super impressive overall.”

    - Director of Marketing, Geoff Hannen on on-boarding of Brand Manager, Christian Webb



“Annette, I couldn't think of a better person to represent the SoCal Wings Team program and the WEBU.  This will be the largest Blue & Silver campaign to date and I am so excited for you to be a part of it.  Congratulations and have fun! Thank you for your hard work.”

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty



“I wanted to pass on some amazing feedback on Courtney that came through not only from Anna but also from Joe (Archrival) and Brandon (International Brand) from #TheShow filming this past weekend. Everybody has said what an incredible job Courtney did - she was professional, charming at all times and really flexible which helped the event run smoothly. Her passion for production really came through and she was willing to go above and beyond her role in any way she could. Please pass on our thanks for all her hard work and for representing the Sampling Program perfectly.”

    - US Sampling Manager, Karli Bainbridge



“Hey Loren, First and foremost, your recommendation of Annette and Sky has been one of the most valuable recommendations of the summer. Both are incredibly professional, intelligent, and willing to work hard. With that being said I wanted to give you an idea of how our part time contractor program works and where we see them filling these roles. Currently both Annette and Sky are technically part time contractors for the three months of the summer (first tier.) The way our team aggregates talent is if you kill the first three months we offer you another 3 months part time. In these three months (second tier) we give you more projects to "own" and evaluate your performance. If you kill those three months we give you one last part time set (third tier) where you are in charge of a project on your own. If you kill that, we offer you a full time position. Both Annette and Sky have been offered to jump into tier two from Sept.-Nov. Just wanted to keep you in the loop on their awesome performance and the path I see them going”

    - Red Bull Media House, Digital TV/Video Specialist, Ty Stafford on the performance of two part time employees in internship roles



“Hey Loren, I just posted the Honor Roll on RBU for the month of October and your team had some very impressive results! Each month, Honor Roll features the top 5 SBMs in the nation in 9 different categories of execution. Of the 289 SBMs this semester, your team of 5 made several categories! Huge shout out to Blake, Sky, and Lauren, for a job well done. Unfortunately, Honor Roll only highlights the top 5 SBMs and a lot of SBMs come super close to making it. However, even though not highlighted on RBU, every member of your team was 1 of the top 15 SBMs in the nation for a least one category last month.  This is extremely impressive and I have yet to see this come from any team this semester. Team OC is rocking it and kudos to everyone for absolutely crushing this semester so far. Please share these results with the rest of the team and let them know that their hard work is being recognized. ”

   - US Consumer Collecting Coordinator, Austin Huffman



“Well done Loren & team, this is especially impressive due to the record amounts of SBM activity coming thru nationally.  This report gives us a very clear snap shot of which SBM's are the most active on their campus, and OC absolutely crushed it in October.  Looking forward to what's in store for the rest of the semester!”

    - US Collegiate Marketing Manager, Sean Carter



“Fantastic results in OC. Continuing to dominate nationally, only the best”

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown on the entire OC team being featured in the US RBU Honor Roll



“I've attached for your a report showing both OC/SLA SBMs and the entire WEBU. Two tabs show Semester to date and October's activity. As you can see, you have the best performing SBMs of the WEBU. Sean and I both agree OC sets the standard of where SBMs should be - YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!”

- West BU Consumer Collecting Coordinator, Jessica Bui



“Team OC, Another fantastic month from you all! Great job setting the bar high for all of the SBMs across the nation. Congrats on your continued success and excited to see how you finish the year!”

    - US Consumer Collecting Coordinator, Austin Huffman on November Activity



“Thank you so much for letting Austin and I crash your SBM Kick Off last week, it was a blast! It was evident the planning and effort that you put in to your presentations.  As we know, no one market is like another, and we were stoked to see the local flavor you put in to your Kick Off.  The passion that came from all of you on the SBM program, rather it be from a FMS, FMM, RMM, RGM, KAM, or Musketeer, was clearly well received by your SBM's, as it was an engaged group through and through. Job well done, all! You definitely set the standard when it comes to Kick Offs moving forward!”

     - US Collegiate Marketing Manager, Sean Carter



“Congratulations! Sky Dickinson has officially been selected to join the Rho Beta Class of 2013 -2014! Huge high five to Sky and yourself on this accomplishment! We know that she will be an excellent asset to the team. “

    - US Consumer Collecting Coordinator, Austin Huffman



“Congrats to everyone else who has earned a full time position or internship. Six promotions from Orange County, great stuff!  Love to be better than the rest :)”

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown on the announcement of 50% of the Orange County team receiving promotions in Spring 2013



“We will be standardizing processes across South LA & OC markets to Steve, taking your process and translating to Derek. He wants to use this as an opportunity to standardize across all of SoCal. How you have been managing your team will likely be implemented across all subcells.”

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown on consumer collecting management process in Orange County



“Fantastic Job Loren! Shows you coached your SBM's to use the proper content pool links and everything. Good stuff.”

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on Red Bull Stratos media results generated by the Orange County Team



“Killilng it once again Loren! Great job to you and Malik. Even in the midst of turmoil this SBM keeps charging, I love it!”

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on Red Bull Stratos media results generated by the Orange County Team



“Thanks Loren, This is spot on! Great job driving the strategy down through your team. Thank you for staying on target.”

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty on Red Bull Total Zero launch



“I am absolutely stoked on the excitement generated around the brand locally on your campuses accompanied with the media you all were able to achieve with Terry Adams in the 11 days he was in Southern California.  Great job leveraging every aspect of our Marketing Mix around a simple athlete activation and delivering massive results reaching 70% of our total SoCal student population.”

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty



“At the beginning of the semester, we rolled out Airmail, one of the first Red Bull Editions hacks. This Back to School, many of you executed several Airmails and found tremendous success without much guidance or instruction.  Big shout out to Chase FresnedaSteven GuttersonJordi Eau ClaireMitch KrauseSky Dickinson, and Nicholas Madden, the several SBMs who created this Best Practice and brought it into reality. Be sure to use these people as a reference as they have fantastic Airmail execution and activity reports as well.”

    - US Consumer Collecting Coordinator, Austin Huffman



 “Today's Feature Friday features 7 SBMs, Kealiinohopono Barnes, Andrew Kelley, Brandon Loureiro, Brandon Darley, Lauren DelFrago, Shovan Datta, and Blake Stephens, who activated around a Red Bull Records band in a massive way! These Student Brand Managers, across the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Las Vegas markets, rallied 23 Media Contacts and activated around Red Bull Records’ newest band, New Beat Fund, at their biggest show to date. Their activation resulted in one of the largest reaches in RBNA Collegiate Media and Red Bull Records’ history… The entire activation ended up pulling 18 media stories, reaching just under 2 Million people! Huge shout out to the team and to their FMSs Loren Piretra, Derek Zemen, Aubi McGhie, and Pat Stahl for making this activation a reality”

    - US Consumer Collecting Coordinator, Austin Huffman



“Congratulations. You've been hand picked by yours truly to participate in a BP14 Collegiate creative brainstorm group that I will be conducting to freshen up our collegiate program.  Each member of the Marketing Leadership team will be leading a specific brainstorm/creative group to help us get ahead of BP14 and spearhead some NEW event concepts and programs. Basically what cool shit do you think is out there and would you want to see happen in 2014. You have great ideas and experience within the collegiate realm which is why you have been selected.”

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty



“Congrats! The 11 of you have been selected to participate in a Consumer Collecting Workshop taking place in Santa Monica w/o May 13th.  The primary objective of our workshop will be to launch the "Wings Team Base: next generation" with a key group of stakeholders (YOU) who will then train the remaining FMSs in your region,’

    - US Director of Consumer Collecting Manager, Eileen Flynn



“SEBU marketing team, I wanted to thank each and every one of you for helping to make Red Bull Flugtag Miami a HUGE SUCCESS! As you know there are many moving parts to a brand building event: from engaging consumers during the application phase to inspire them to actually want to participate; to driving consumers to the event during the spectator phase; to the actual execution of the event. All of you played a role in each of the important phases and it was done flawlessly. Thank you to Veronica, Loren and again the entire FMS team, who in the midst of one of our largest events of the year, delivered an impactful and well-organized SBM kick off. What a smart, fun, and very hard working group we have for this school year. Great job! I am so proud of the SEBU team, of our "all hands on deck" attitude, sense of pride and commitment to excellence. Thanks again and congratulations!”

    - Director of Marketing, Karen Scott






“Loren is the stand out FMS for our region. Her attention to detail, tenacity & follow through are next to none. The results showcased above show this in its truest form. Loren has done a tremendous job in the first part of 2013 at really taking ownership over the OC market. Not just consumer collecting pieces but focusing on leveraging the entire marketing mix, as a Field Marketing Manager would, to drive tangible business results in the area. Loren has also done a good job at engaging her counterparts within the cell. She is a leader on the OC team and this comes to fruition through the project she leads as she pushes the team for more. Loren has consistently delivered in quarterly reviews, as a true asset and marketing partner to myself as I continue to oversee two markets. It has been a pleasure to see her grow over the years and develop into the opinionated, strong, passionate business professional that she is - pushing back where appropriate and holding her ground when she believes in something. These are characteristics vitally important to success, especially at Red Bull. Loren is far above target in all areas of the FMS role.”

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown



“Loren continues to do a tremendous job leading her teams in Orange County. She has struck the balance between managing the consumer collecting program tightly and continuing to drive programming throughout the other channels of the marketing mix. While this proves to be a challenge for some, Loren has addressed it head on and we are seeing great results in Orange County. I would agree with her self assessment that where she has really started to shine is by identifying opportunities, bringing them to light, setting clear targets, building a plan and executing against them. The sheer amount of activation that took place in 2012 is a direct result of this. As

long as the consumer collecting program continues to function at an efficient and above target rate, then this type of activity is welcomed and celebrated. Not only is it celebrated, the 3rd party support is critical in her development as a manager as she tracks to move into an FMM role. She is also becoming a stronger manager. She is a leader to her direct reports and provides

solid feedback and coaching while continuing to give high performers chances to grow & develop. This, again, is the path needed to take the next step. To show that she is developer of people & talent will quickly put her in the ranks for an FMM position. My suggestion now would be to continue to keep her eyes open for who can fill her shoes once she moves on. If she were to move into another role tomorrow, is someone from her team ready to become the FMS? That is the challenge from a people management perspective. All in all, Loren is a leader in SoCal and is producing a high volume of above target results. She keeps a sharp eye on the future and continues to maximize what is in front of her.”

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown



“Loren has done an exceptional job really taking the FMS role to another level. She has quickly become a leader amongst her peers, is proactively finding new business opportunities, bubbling them up, owning them & driving results. Her accomplishments in Q1 were among the best in SoCal from an FMS perspective. She has done an exceptional job at building a consumer collecting program that is reflective of her management style while continuing to own other parts of the marketing mix. I am constantly surprised by quickly she is able to understand & retain business concepts. A specific example is how she took the P&L & partnership approach with the Angels, secured a partnership with the team & is driving results through off premise. From Ryan Decenzo activation to OC Music Awards to Newport Beach Film Festival, Loren is continuing to prove herself as an asset to the SoCal team that constantly drives best practices & solid business results. Above target results in the first part of the year. I am happy to have Loren on our team as she is an asset who us continuing to own Orange County and maximize in everything that we do.”

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown



“Loren is tracking to have an above target year. I agree with Brandon's feedback that Loren is positioning herself as a leader amongst her peers and I will look to her to build on this positive momentum and finish the year strong.  Loren has continuously stepped up the bar of what excellent looks like from her planning and execution of Red Bull Paper WIngs where she was selected to represent the WEBU in Austria at the international finals due to her above target results and execution on her campus.  Loren also is running an efficient Wings Team program and is tracking on target to accomplish her year can/hour goals. Loren has also set a best practice with the development of the Weekly Bulletin which opens up the lines of communication between her RBDC branch, Key Accounts, and On Premise to market activity which has always been a challenge for cells. The OC team has taken relationships that have been longstanding with the brand in previous years and taken them to the next level with premium visibility, sales, and overall true parnterships.  It is this foresight to partner with the right people/brands that will help GROW the brand into new scenes, FoRB's, and opportunities. Overall, I am very pleased with Loren's development. She has quickly settled in and taken ownership of her entire program.  Great job and keep it up Loren!”

    - Regional Marketing Manager, Steve Kelty



“OC Team, 2013 is going to be a fantastic year for Red Bull and for our markets. Thanks for the great effort to educate and align the entire field last month, yet so important, so as a group and individuals we continue to fight against competition.”

     - Region Director, Juan Parker on 2013 Business Planning



“WEBU SoCal Dream Team, Thank you for all your hard work over the past 6 months. Please know that I respect and appreciate the amount of blood and sweat spilt to achieve such a tremendous first half. I am honored to have worked with each of you to win back the Los Angeles market and own SoCal. We are gaining fast and, without any doubt, will achieve our goal to be #1 in all markets. I look forward to your return next week to continue the fight.”

    - Director of Marketing, Eddie Hayden



"Loren has continued to deliver above target results in the Orange County market. As her manager, one thing I would like to highlight is Loren's growth as a leader within the cell team & over her direct reports. Loren has done a great job at building her own consumer collecting team over the past year, not only coaching them to deliver strong results while on her team, but highlighting their achievements & helping to secure them full time positions within the organization. Lorens team in OC is one of the primary feeders of entry level talent into HQ with 4+ of her direct reports being ushered into full time roles with the brand. This is no easy task and is a direct result of Lorens ability to lead.Secondly, Loren has seem growth within the existing cell team & emerged as a key player to the OC operation. She has managed to influencer her counterparts, more now than ever with Timmy & ON Premise, to achieve more. She challenges the group to stay focused through consistent discussion & the results of these efforts are shown within the results"

    - Field Marketing Manager, Brandon Brown




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